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From what I can tell, the current AI hype falls into the same category as the VR and crypto manias of the past few years -- incredibly amazing at first glance, followed by the sobering realization it's not actually useful for anything.

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Boa constrictor, rodent, I share the sentiment.

I remember the time right wing commentator George Will waylaid the assembled panel of experts (approved mouthpieces) on This Week with David Brinkley, circa the 1980’s. He asked: does anyone believe Israel does not want peace? He stopped their ridiculous prevarications for a minute, but only a minute.

The Palestinian cause is a subset of a larger clash of civilizations, plus of course a land dispute. I know which side I’m on, I’ll take the boa. (I look good in a boa.)

You are correct, American will put an end to this soon enough, prevarication will remain the order of the day and the clash will return to a more gentle boil.

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Isn’t safetyism just the manifestation of a collapse of vision for the future? When one is driving towards a Greater End, they don’t encumber others with statements like “stay safe.” The people now humping through the Darien gap on their way to the US are not be beset with crippling concerns for safety. More exemplary, the people who settled the frontiers of the US did not pollute their language with fears of being harmed. History obviously abounds with such examples. These people are and were driving towards a clear, better future.

AI does not present a clear and better future for the masses to sign on to. There are some cool and wild implications for the average Moe to mull over, but in the throes of a dissolving Western civilization that has lost its visions of spiritual transcendence, why the hell would anyone be excited about AI? The promise of the global community that was to be delivered by the internet has been thoroughly debunked, and many people are exhausted with tech. What exactly, specifically, is the thing about AI that is grabbing them by the cockles of their imaginations and carrying them to some higher level of existence?

So far as I can see, AI only really represents an unnerving threat to whatever the West still has left and which must be dealt with, lest ye somehow be left behind and lose still more.

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

"It was simultaneously Poujadiste, demanding less state and less taxes, and state-interventionist, demanding more services and subsidies for the peripheral France of the countryside and outer-suburbs."

This is one reason why the Western right keeps failing because there is no way to square that circle.

The conservative voting base across the West looks like this. People over the age of 50, who had engaged in all sorts of degeneracy in their youth, didn't produce any children, but now want to pay less taxes and still want their free healthcare and social security till they die in their mid-80s. And they want to reduce immigration too, but only the illegal kind not the legal one, a distinction without a difference these days.

You can't have low immigration, high economic growth, high welfare, and reasonable taxes, it just doesn't work that way. The only people to enjoy that were perhaps the Greatest Generation for a brief 20 year period, and they paid for that with their blood in the First and Second World Wars. Which none of us in the West have come even remotely close to.

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Nov 18, 2023·edited Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

"Soon enough the Americans will tell the Israelis to stop."

What makes you so sure? Especially as the Israeli tail has such influence over the American dog.

Anyway, it is obvious that Hezbollah doesn't want to join the fight. Soon they may not have a choice, as Israeli hotheads will demand that the West Bank be settled, sonto speak, once and for all.

The Gilets Jaunes failed because they failed to take into account V.I. Lenin's teachings on power and how it is taken. I am not a Marxist-Leninist, but Lenin understood some things clearly and without sentiment.

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

We've sunk past crazy ignorable.

Approaching scary, when even a serious poster such as Zizek end their message with this:

"To find a way out, the first thing to do is to fully admit that we are dealing with a true tragedy. There is no simple solution to such a tragedy, except that advocated by Jewish Power and Hamas: the annihilation of the other side."

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The more that the explorers of genetics and genomics learn, the more complicated the subject becomes. The Static Determinist paradigm of dogmatic hereditarians is increasingly exposed as an illusion. Organisms are not just merely DNA tinkertoys. Peptides also complicate genetic expression. These are dynamic phenomena. Epigenetic influence is real. Developmental windows are real. The xenoestrogenic properties of some of the synthetic chemicals whose residues now pervade the natural world are real. To mention only the stuff that we've quite recently learned.

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Nov 18, 2023·edited Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

"Eilat", not "Eliat"

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo


like a boa constrictor would a rodent that it has wrapped itself around on the jungle floor

[Your boomer readership is going to go off like a frog in a sock when they read this - calling the IDF a predator, calling the ME a jungle...]

, an assumption that has been shown to be correct --> , a predictable followup that has now been realized.

[it was a conclusion inferred from the indicator, not an assumption]

Al, Ridwan, Hezbollah’s special forces, --> Al-Ridwan (Hezbollah’s special forces)

[I initially thought you need an 'and' somewhere in here, OR - as turns out to be the case after googling - al-ridwan are the special forces in question. This fix means people dont have to guess as I did if there are one (the H special forces) 2 (al-ridwan and HSF) or three (AL & RIDWAN, & HSF) being referred to. Its beyond the Oxford Comma problem for those of us that are totally igorant of ME militaria! I know its a quote but its punctuationally mangled and doesnt make sense]

state, put --> state, which was put

out, due --> out due

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About the Gilet Jaunes. I happened to be working with the Eurobarometer results (version 91.4, 2019, "Europeans’ attitudes on Trade and EU trade policy") for a piece I'm currently writing since I realized I could use some of the poll's questions as a proxy for basic knowledge of economics, calculating a general score for each European country (28 countries).

Excluding Luxembourg (*), France has the lowest score by far of all 28 European countries. French attitude seems to be: I don't care how the world works and I don't have to learn about it, I just want my baguette and it better be fresh and crispy.

(*) I assume it has something to do with being a very small country. I might be wrong.

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The Gilet Jaunes remind me of nothing more strongly than Occupy: a leaderless, anarchic uprising against systemic power that ultimately got dismantled by its own incoherence. Leaderlessness can be an advantage, making it difficult to coopt or decapitate a movement, but it's simultaneously a critical weakness due to the directionlessness it leads to.

However, it's notable that Macron's response was to blunt their anger with pocketbook concessions, rather than distract everyone with identity politics.

If seen not merely as another occurrence of French rioting (a valid perspective of course), but as part of the an unfolding pattern of swarm uprisings - with Occupy and the Trucker Convoy being part of the same pattern - the GJ are notable for their staying power, and for representing something of a tactical escalation.

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Robert P. George has predicted the Dems will stop being pro-Israel in the near future, much like they stopped being anti-same-sex-marriage quite quickly. I'm not so sure since the Dem leadership has a cultural commitment to Israel that they didn't to SSM

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

"...we have no choice but to live in somebody’s future — the question is whether it’s somebody with a plan or somebody with a neurosis."

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3149680/ :

"Women have been found to score higher than men on Neuroticism as measured at the Big Five trait level, as well as on most facets of Neuroticism included in a common measure of the Big Five, the NEO-PI-R."


https://news.gallup.com/poll/153452/americans-favor-nuclear-power-year-fukushima.aspx :

"Men and women have sharply different attitudes about nuclear power, differences that are larger than those found between partisan, ideological, age, and educational segments of the population. Men favor nuclear power as a source of electricity by a 72% to 27% margin. But 51% of women oppose it, with 42% in favor. The same large gender gap exists in terms of views of the safety of nuclear power plants. The wide gender gap in attitudes about nuclear power has been found in previous years' surveys as well."


https://datausa.io/profile/cip/bioethics-medical-ethics?degree-grads_ethnicity_gender=degree7 :

"This chart shows the granted degrees by sex at the 5 institutions that graduate the most students in Bioethics & Medical Ethics: [Female 69.4%]"

You don't say.

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception."

---Ruth Bader Ginsburg

And here we are. All cozy and safe in the Longhouse.

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Nov 18, 2023·edited Nov 18, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

The reason why they're afraid of AI and try to push that AI makes up hallucinations is pretty simple.

If AI was not restricted and scripted (as with the covid shots topic) the truth would be apparent. Or AI would show that there are conflicting answers, exposing the truth: that some studies are pure bullshit and others were ignored.

AI applied to the economy would state the obvious. We are in trouble because most of the wealth is in the hands of the few because of rentier (finance) capitalism which produces nothing but interest/rents.

Diseases would be shown to be caused by things ignored, such as TOXINS in shots and medicines and food. Stress would also be demonstrated to a big factor in causing autoimmune conditions.

Despite the truth about SSRIs and statins being harmful, the AI would see that those widely used drugs could be in fact causing some of the more modern diseases today.

Let's segue with cancer, which is still pushed as some genetic disease since the push for genetics in the 70s. 50 years later and they still don't have a clue... I wonder why 😂

Genetics is a science that is trying to find patterns on what they assume is the code, based on what they deemed to be letters of the code, which depend on chemical reactions. What if there are more letters that we misread as our limited set?

It would explain why even in court cases DNA matching can be inaccurate half the time or more!


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