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Nov 12, 2023·edited Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Haven't had a chance to read the commentary, but I wanted to share this article with our gracious interlocutor, Niccolo, and the house:

"IDF soldiers pray in ancient 6th century Gaza synagogue for first time in decades..."


The synagogue had been unearthed in 1965. Now, Does anyone know about the Temple of Solomon, which I believe is the first temple, Has it actually been found?

And also this sagacious link with remarks about the question of war crimes vis a vis Israel and Hamas:


Thoughts on that? What do you take exception with?

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Edit: Changed from 'control of judiciary' to 'control of constitutional court'

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Thanks! Got in early this time.

Only one thing -

to those not too --> for those not too

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Soviet general during cold war about US weapons: 'superior is the enemy of good enough'.

Currently US is spend huge funds on superior that are not realized.

F-35 is highly profitable disarmament, optimized like the F-105, but given too many jobs as to make it impossible to satisfy all customers, if any.

Good enough in sufficient numbers with competent users and logistics is what US provided in WW II!

US military spends too much on contracts!

The list of what suffers is too long to recount.

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

The whole thing with traditional military U.S. families not having their sons enlist is unnerving. You don't want a military aligned with one part of the country. It reminds me of how Borisav Jović bragged to the BBC about how he and Milošević rigged the JNA in Bosnia to include only Bosnian Serb soldiers, allowing them to go on a rampage against Muslims, whose dumbass leadership anticipated nothing going wrong. (Segment starts at 9:25 here https://youtu.be/hY7BwM952ZY?si=jI924ETY4ptb8r_M)

The fact that the recruitment ads are now targeting good-old-boys suggests the military leadership is more stupid than devious, though.

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Thanks for featuring Mr. Locklin. He seems to have that knack for dry wit and actual information as well. This is a personal favorite combination for writers.


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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Need some moar of my Whiteness...

So does the Army LMAO

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

You mention that the Spanish Left play to win while the Right appeals to principles. The Right can't seem to bring itself to grasp at power because it seems afraid to wield it and doesn't know or doesn't have a framework for what power is for.

How can the Right ever bring itself to a coherent view of the what the end use of power should be? I thought some folks in VOX had one where it came to immigration - this equation doesn't seem that hard to me to solve. Is it because the Right lacks allies, or are they really just that clueless? Or do their cherished principles actually mean nothing and they're just full of crap?

Rod Dreher wrote a few years ago some reflections on how power was used under Franco and it seemed like a completely appropriate use of state power in that it seemed to make life better and happier for ordinary people on the streets. Now, if you were a leftist revolutionary, maybe you found yourself in a world of hurt. For ordinary people though, they enjoyed peace and quiet as they went about living, doing business, etc.

This then is to me the mission of the Right: To make the world better for the typical man, woman, and child. To restrain violence, maintain law and order, and to suppress the hotter passions of the day. Allow for liberal commerce at the local level and to ensure that national trade doesn't damage domestic concerns. To be watchful and careful stewards of the national purse.

Why is this so hard in Spain, and elsewhere?

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Ask Puigdemont if he’s available to be governor of any US state except California... including NY, asking for some friends

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

I don’t care if China gets Chips as long as the US gets Chip factories.

Having said that: I don’t trust Goldman/Spengler on China nor USA.

If We can both manufacture Chips - excellent.

There’s absolutely no reason to go to war with China.

Nor do I agree it’s certain.

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

One thing I will always find amusing about the neoliberal regime is they always expect to have people and resources to enact their bidding no matter what happens. Now they are scrambling to rebuild industrial bases and sucker people they hate to fight for them. Hint, things really don't work well that way in the real world. Speaking of which, most militaristic powers in human history always made sure to either adopt or a least respect the traditions and cultures of the groups who did most of their fighting and especially those who have families traditions of military service. Outright letting them know that their country's leadership hates them seems like a bad idea.

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Nico- Scott Locklin is entertaining, he sounds like he’d be fun at college parties or a trip to a Brothel, that wasn’t serious analysis of the Military, American or otherwise.

He sounds like he’s getting his analysis from The Saker on Russia, on America too.

What has he done besides “consulting” and how’d that go?

Gee, that’s a lot of consulting...

... ah huh.

Now-We have a Civil Rights/Leftist Neoliberal government and of course anything that government touches now is dysfunctional, because the civilian leadership are dysfunctional and old as Hell.

However There’s actually a lot of serious people left in America- it would be an awful mistake to encourage China or Russia to misstep.

Having said that, we seem to be coming back from the brink with Russia and I don’t believe conflict with China is inevitable. I do believe people are yelling “yellow peril”, I also see the factories coming back- which is very good and worth war “talk”, not war but war talk.

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Locklin ... meh. HL Meneken indeed.

Here’s a serious military acquisition source:


The problem is a Soviet level inefficient bureaucracy. Its not 5 years to get ammo- it’s 6 years to get to contract. Never mind production. Beware/ they CAN waive it all and move fast.

As far as the general demoralization and internal moral and leadership collapse- YES.

As noted by many:

1. Constant wars that are either tossed away success, or delusional overreach (make the Afghans or Iraqi into White Liberals) and deployment treadmills until you quit, die, retire or crack up - divorce and other problems await.

BY THE WAY- the same people kept deploying and the same people who didn’t - they stayed home and advanced their careers. YES. They went to service schools, war doesn’t count for career progression.

= A nightmare of leadership internally.

2. You can’t de-Establish the Constitution with American Troops doing the absolute unthinkable and swearing in a President- but it was done.

3. The military is 80% generational and they lost the warrior core. Parents told their children NO. And far from just White Parents (the military may be one of the more mixed race marriages groups in America).

4. Nothing here in the military that’s not happening in dozens of USA cities (same people same families).

5. Yes, vilifying whites who are the combat arms core, 80% of Afghanistan casualties and 73% of Iraq casualties at long last worked its Dark Magic. This doesn’t mean we hate our Dusky hued Brothers in Arms, we just left. Why fight for people who hate you as their core organizing and animating principle?

6. The notion of a Draft is absurd, and if they tried to draft veterans children.... well... uh BOOM.

7. Underneath all that the warrior caste and millions of veterans and military remain, and the country’s tech skills remain, and the damaged but not destroyed industrial capacity is very rapidly being rebuilt. That it doesn’t translate into munitions rapidly is due to a fatally congested geroncratic government that is dying.

8. IF a leader came by whatever means- with leadership anything can be done. Hopefully this will be pointed at Space or internally.

9. Please understand if a Leader stood up who could summon the veterans and the people we could reset very fast.

10. As far as the obese kids etc and all the kids suck etc...

it’s called exercise, and the kids don’t suck as much as the adults think they do.

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Lebanon, Any country, any Dem American inner city-

Aid foreign or domestic has led to the actual neocolonialism.

Including of your own citizens.

Helen Dale and Lorenzo Warby on their substacks have written very well and extensively on our foreign and domestic neocolonialist governments.

Karen in a Pith Helmet is... actually worse. Can we have the Raj back?

I noticed that San Francisco doesn’t have a homeless/drug addicts problem when Xi comes to town... perhaps he can come more often?

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Good SCR !

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