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oww this hits very close to home since half my family is from MEXICO ( mom's side)

I've lived several years in the country, and I can tell another, overlooked situation.


Mexicans arent as a whole disciplined, work-oriented people (like Japanese or the anglos), preferring the easy way out (hence, how many are interested in "working" for the cartels) and handouts.

Its no suprise that the country has kinda thrived only under semi- or authoritarian govts ( porfirio diaz dictatorshsip, the PRI-semi authoritarian period 1930-2000).

Think of the country as that office full of workers that only deliver under a strict, tyrannical, bad tempered boss.

While the japanese and other 1st worlders are like workers that basically can do home office work and deliver, self-discipline embedded in them already.

Character matters, and national character ( something so many times overlooed, because, in the whacko worldview of the left, we are all "equal", like interchangeable Lego bricks) does too.

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Even Shelby fucking Foote is Jewish lmfao. Just wild how over represented they are, usually to their credit.

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Even though I'm still incurably CentralEurope-centered, You provide ever more interesting reading. (Never mind the FbF heading, which escapes me.) I'm almost ready to scrape up the $50 or whatever, because other sites, frankly, either bore me, or just piss me off . . .

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So, actually, the Russians have got every incentive to interfere in the US elections.

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On the subject of viewpoints of Professors of Strategic Studies in Scotland: One thing that American conservatives tend to underestimate - as they wrestle with their own culture war against the takeover of its coastal metropolises by the virtue signalling Left - is that it can get worse. Here in the UK it can. Last election in the US about 40% (was it?) voted for a non-liberal-establishment candidate. In Britain, thanks to decades of BBC -type taming, they would get maybe 5% max. You have a 'culture war'.... think that's bad? Here it's been total surrender. The UK has made its silly self virtually conservatism-free.

And so - albeit probably for very wrong reasons - the professor is probably right about USA/UK relations in the event of a Trump victory. In other parts of Europe though, right of centre polities do still exist and are growing.

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about Canada, LOOOL

referring to my earlier post about national idiosyncrasy in Mexico, this might apply too but from another angle

a "new" country searching for its own identity, like a teenager just coming of age and dont knowing what values to embrace for his personality.

and the hystericals of the Atlantic guy are both amusing and refreshing, his article is soo over the top we might wonder if its parody or exaggerated on purpose to propagate some distress on its readers.

Even IF trump won 2024, there are too many powerful forces and semi-independent centers of power embedded in the US govt to allow a drastic change in foreign policy towards NATO/Europe.

Such changes take decades or catastrophic events to happen.

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Nico, I’m curious for your one sentence take on the motivation of people like that “Strategic Studies” guy. I’m sure the answer is “some of both”, but do people of that ilk really believe this stuff or is it pure elitist cynicism? I find myself worrying far more about the former.

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Thanks for this, especially the piece on Foote. Walker Percy was his friend from childhood, and they even met Faulkner together in Oxford. Percy was so afraid of meeting Faulkner that he stayed in the car while Foote went inside!) this is a fun interview w Foote from back in the day


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I'm always at a toss up when I come across stuff like the Ukraine article you shared. As to whether these people are cynical or truly believe the words they're putting to paper. Because it'd only take 5 minutes for any academic to fact check that the GOP is on board with the war effort as much as the dems. They have a house majority atm, and theyre approving the billions Biden is asking for. And afa Trump being anti NATO, he expanded it eastward with at least one country, maybe 2?

Libs are a pathological people, hence the Canadian Indigenous Genocide hoax. It's not that they see oppression where it doesnt exist. They desperately NEED to believe it. It has to feed off of grievance and protected identities to survive and expand. So when some "professor of strategic studies" (lol) goes off like that, I do think they are at least somewhat coming from a place of genuine belief. But my mind initially reads it as hollow agitprop.

As far as Biden specifically, I don't think he has any genuine stake in Ukraine beyond losing a money washing outpost. As far as I'm concerned, the man believes in nothing.

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“Why can’t poor countries just mimic the common characteristics of rich countries and skip over all the toil and trial and error of the middle part?”

This question always frustrates me. Whether it is Americans asking “Why can’t we be like Sweden?” or Russians asking “Why can’t we be like America?”, people’s ignorance of how material conditions determine which political options are viable always gobsmacks me.

But I was the same for years, always looking for “the best” form of government; it seems to be the default way of thinking in the West. We’re so propagandized here. Perhaps we can slowly but surely expose our friends to different perspectives.

I’m about to read the Mexico article in full; I’ll be sharing this week’s review and possibly the Mexico article with a couple of Russians afterwards

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I recall seeing parts of the movie Chinatown. I don't recall ever seeing a single Chinese person.

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Very informative stuff. Thank you, Sir

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Sep 9·edited Sep 9

Don't kid yourself. Aside from Trump and Vivek, all the Team R candidates are competing as to who can be more pro-Kiev. They know full well what the donors and the Deep State want.

Even if Trump were to win, Trump proved himself weak, stupid and easily manipulated. The Deep State would quickly bring him around. I express no opinion regarding Vivek, but he won't be allowed to win, so it doesn't matter.

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“Schoolmasters with howitzers” is one hell of an image.

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I am the rarest bird you’re likely to find, an Anglo, Canadian supporter of Quebec separatism. Yes? Rare?

Canada the post national nation is a disgraceful, arrogant, myopic traitor to it’s own history, and the memory of those who built this once proud nation. Pride replaced by self loathing, we, Canada, Canadians, are held hostage to a pathetic cabal of idiots. Worse, future generations are being educated by those same idiots: our national broadcaster, and our professorate.

Quebec: why am I, a 50 year Torontonian, in favour of separatism?

Because Quebequos culture should survive; It is a vestige of a better time; it is a nation and deserves preservation as was understood by all peoples of all nations for millennia before the catastrophe of this post modern affliction.

Our Prime Minister freely admits we are nothing, which means there is nothing to lose. Quebec is something, a culture anunique culture and that is deserving of preservation.

If you look at a map, you’ll understand why Quebec separating from Canada is the end of Canada .

But I am willing to walk the walk not just talked to talk. The preservation of culture is that important to me. So, preserving Quebec Culture is worth of destruction of Canada. The destruction of Canada is a nothing, we simply slip into the abyss of post modern subjectivism, which we have willingly embraced and glorify: such stupidity deserves that fate.

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