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Two points:

"After doing it a few years, I noticed that I invariably believed that all of my clients were the pure victims, and the people against whom we were litigating were pure villains. Rationally, I knew that was highly unlikely; the probability that the people who happened to walk through my doors to hire me to represent them were all angels, and those who they claim had wronged them were all devils was extremely remote, almost non-existent. But emotionally and instinctively, that’s how I approached each case; that I was not just advocating for them in order to be financially compensated — as a job — but I was on a righteous crusade, on the side of Good against Evil."

This is exactly how NOT to be an effective litigator. Your job is to be objective about your client's case, much as as a doctor is ice-cold objective about his patient's clinical picture. Glenn is fortunate that he got out of lawyering.

"Also, Manning didn’t reveal NSA spying; she revealed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and systematic state corruption around the world, ..."

Manning is not a transgender; he is a gay twink. Not sure why Glenn is deflecting here but it's probably jealousy.

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Gonna be waiting on that Glenn-BAP grudge match, Nicc.

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Really paranoid about the jignat shot behind this. Wink to people close but not in this sphere.

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I would like to place the opening bid for that list.

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That started out fun, but as usual with Glenn it soon spun off into to perfectly rational explanations for people’s behavior that sound right but nevertheless miss the mark. people rarely if ever understand the deeper reasons for their own behavior, much less others‘, which have societal, national, and global as well as personal flows.

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Great Interview, hilarious too. And he was not kidding: there is not a single person here in brazil that hasn't seen tropa de elite.

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“ His economics guru is one of those University of Chicago austerity fanatics, Paulo Geddes, who wants to privatize all state assets and sell them off to foreign capital, turning Brazil into Chile.”

Come on Glenn— you should have known that wouldn’t play here.

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I feel triggered and yet amused.

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I'm on the Maga side of things and want to clarify what the beliefs is, everyone describes what they think when they have no real knowledge.

I don't believe in Q

I don't want wars & make other countries in our image

I don't want big business & tech to crush the little man

I don't believe we need to give young children or teens chemicals or operation to change their sex. Adults do what you want

I don't care what you do in your bedroom as long as it's not harming children or anyone

I don't want anyone pushing their beliefs on me

I don't want race theory taught in schools it is racists

I don't want a universal religion but the right to freely choose to worship or not

I want freedom to pursue happiness and freedom to say what I believe even its wrong and hopefully continue to grow and learn

I do believe CCP is responsible for the virus and others also fauci who etc.

I do believe the election 2020 was stolen

I believe are institutions are broken and corrupt


and a huge reason is the lying propaganda MSM is to BLAME

I do believe we need to care for animals the planet homeless just don't agree on how the government goes about it

I believe we are heading to a fascist society and the left are he'll bent on making it happen with alit of sold out weak Republicans

I could continue on but I'm tired of typing on my phone.

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"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."-- H.L. Mencken (1918) sound familiar?

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I got halfway through the first paragraph and realized the author is nothing but a hateful. left-wing fasçist sack of dog feces.

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After reading entire interview, I am convinced secret ghey subtext is he wants to be fisted by Bolsonaro often.

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One of the best, funniest, informative interviews I've read in a LONG TIME. I must have More.....More! I tell you! If you did not laugh out loud several times you're a ....well...A new age woke lemming. (And I like lemmings)

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Excellent interview. On another topic, do you have alts on other media (Gab, Telegram, etc) to follow once you get banned from twitter?

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Have you ever had your pockets picked at the Kinshasa airport?

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