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This one is a very long one.....apologies in advance!

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo


I have my doubts that the Administrative State/Managerial Regime of the US would accept a proper defection. If Newsome really wants to pivot Democrats against Republicans by using China's active power, I think he would be acting as a lone agent. The regime is pretty clearly opposed to any real increase in the power of China, and since the Democrats are the regime party, I have a hard time seeing them change their attitude.

In short, I think the Democrats and the Managerial Regime love power more than they hate Republicans.

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Great rundown as usual. The question of whether getting rid of cash or not is a "conspiracy" is dumb and pointless. Conspiracy or not, and as you point out, it's a project the financial class would love to complete. It's a terrible idea for a lot of reasons of course but the one argument I'd pick to throw in their faces is that capitalism is supposed to be about freedom of choice. Narrowing options is not the way you increase that freedom.

It's also terrible because we have become over-reliant on digital everything and that's bad for resiliency. Cash as a backup system is not to be underestimated. It's also terrible because it reduces privacy and increases the power of an already too-powerful financial oligarchy. I'd also argue that it's a fantasy of control in a lot of ways because the idea that "every transaction will be tracked" in a cashless world belies the fact that there are so many ways (that will grow exponentially w/o cash) to obfuscate money flows already. It's an idiot idea by people who don't really understand the limits of technology. These same people want us to use biometric data to identify ourselves, as if creating infrastructure with a "password" you can never change is a good idea.

There are no good reasons to get rid of cash from the perspective of the citizen and we should all fight tooth and nail for our US greenbacks (Europe may be hopeless).

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China should release another COVID variant that only kills fatties, that would be more than effective in subduing America instead of dealing with Newsom.

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Weird. Using the Substack app on my iPhone the like button is at the bottom of the screen. Will click it anyway.

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The notion of white identity is strange to even contemplate, not in the least because I’ve been taught all my life that such a thing would be unimaginably racist. I can scarcely imagine anything stranger to me than attaching significance to the color of my skin LOL!

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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

If war breaks out between Venezuela and Guyana and the USA gets sucked in, I heard it here first. This is not on the radar for most people, is my guess.

The Chinese would love to break the bipartisan consensus against them. They spend a lot of money here, and they are persistent. It is surprising they are doing so poorly. They need an image makeover.

White racial nationalism may someday be something, but I am not seeing it as anything serious at the moment. Maybe it will grow out of released members of prison gangs? That seems to be the one place that white racial consciousness is real, and in fact is a necessity for survival. Hard to tell if it is anything other than an Internet phenomenon, memes not reality. And any apparently real white nationalist activities are most likely regime fakes, anyway. Who was it who said that in the 1940s half of the people at Communist Party meetings in the USA were FBI agents?

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1. I'd say that I don't think the Venezuelans would be stupid enough to try anything, given the horrific state of their country, but crazier things have been tried for far lesser reasons, and a sufficiently desperate Maduro might be willing to roll the dice on this.

2. Gavin Newsom's wheelings and dealings with China definitely suggest, at minimum, that he's trying to form a sort of "shadow alliance" between them and his faction of the Democrat Party of the United States. It's almost certainly going to provide endless campaign fodder for his opponents, who will (not unreasonably) accuse of of being a Chinese plant, spy, and/or shill.

3. The inchoately growing consciousness and political "(re)activation" of "White American" identity is a natural counterforce/reaction to the ideologically "anti-white" dogmas of much of the "woke"/"Cultural Marxist"/DEI politics that permeate media, academia, NGOs, left-wing activist groups, and left-wing politics more broadly (in short, the activism industrial complex). They've left such a mark that even if these things were to all completely fall apart tomorrow, it would likely still take some time before the currently hyper-racialized ("hyphenated") state of politics of the US goes away in full.

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

That piece by Balaji is one of the most cynical things I’ve ever read. Considering the subject matter is the Democratic Party, and the article essentially accuses them of treason, it’s also probably realistic.

An excellent roundup as usual. Thank you

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Dec 2, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Very interesting cornucopia with great links and analysis - thanks.

Two comments:

China is mad at the Biden admin because Joe didn’t stay bought (the CHIPs act was a step too far). Joe tried to make it up to Xi with the IRA, which heavily subsidizes Chinese battery and renewables components with US taxpayer cash, but apparently it wasn’t enough. They expect Gavin to be more loyal.

The Monroe doctrine hasn’t been enforced by the US since the Obama years, when Obama and the leftists at State decided to entreat Cuba as well as Chavez as well as leftists from the Andes to Honduras, most of whom were cooperating closely with Russia and China (including arms purchases, military training and stopovers by ships and military aircraft) as well as Iran.

Trump tried to shake things up during the interregnum between Obama I and Obama 2 (er- I mean Biden) but the bureaucracy wasn’t having any of it.

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Hi Niccolo,

Wanted to point out to you this excellent column by Ed West on Ireland....just read it.


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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Thanks! 'Liked' done.

foreign meddling in the Americas --> foreign meddling in sovereign states of the Americas

[comment: covers the British and French territories which are permitted to exist]

resources available to it --> resources available

was its alliance with --> was with


After all, it has now tried --> After all, the US has now tried

[the grammatical subject is otherwise V. of it]

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"America is not a “nation” in the European sense."

I beg to disagree. Every economically successful country sees lots of immigration and becomes a kind of melting pot. France is a good example. Turkey too. When you look at the abundance of Slavic names there the Germans have been quite good at it too in the past. At the moment their culture is less open for assimilation but most likely this will only delay the process.

Sometimes ethnic groups get politicized. That happened to Turks in Germany. It happened to different ethnic groups in the past in the US: Germans, Japanese, Hispanics and now Chinese have all been politicized at some moment.

The case of Bulgaria is interesting. Bulgarians were originally a Turkish speaking tribe that got Slavicized when they established themselves at their present location.

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Unless there's a dramatic change in human nature I believe some form of 'white racial consciousness' in the United States is almost guaranteed, albeit likely not in the immediate future.

The Democratic Party will be majority-minority within this decade and increasingly moreso thereafter. Simultaneously they will become electorally dominant as demographics continue to shift in their favor - Texas will be blue within 10 years. That's a recipe for racial polarization and I can't really see how it might be broken. The Democratic party isn't going to stop offering racial redistribution, for instance. If anything, they're likely to increase it.

I couldn't speculate about whatever the effects of "white consciousness" might be though. Uncharted territory for a Western country.

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Second article made my head hurt. The infantile writing style, sophomoric "insights," and inscrutable chain of logic ("X extraordinary and unsupported statement is true because... it just IS, okay?") all coalesce into the singular Truth that "Ba-la-gee" thinks and writes with all the intelligence (or lack thereof) of your typical SubCon.

The reality is that Newsom, like all Late Republican politicians (other than Donald Trump ﷺ), is a Very Stupid and Very Vain Man. Meeting with a foreign leader is just him LARPing as President, which is his entire persona btw (have you heard him speak? It's just an Obama impression).

Ba-la-gee reads lurid conspiratorial tales of Mohammedan Nazi DemoKKKrats (note the usage here of terms like "(((white-adjacents)))" and "BLM/Hamas" - as a (((Tamil))), he instinctively lays cover for his fellow (((Cosmopolitan Mercurian Sons of Shem))) (cf. the Elam-Elaam connection)) allying with Racist Eugenicist Nazi ChiComs against an imagined Wholesome Chungus Multiracial Working Class GOP because he is infantile, delusional, stupid, and above all else, Indian (but, I repeat myself).

He must go back to doing manual labor for the British Empire, and learn to Take the Poo to the Loo while he's at it. I hope to hear nothing more from this Brahmin-privileged turmeric monster or his ilk so long as I may live.

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Dec 3, 2023Liked by Niccolo Soldo

A bit OT but... Trump Trial 24.

Imagine the Incompetence of the Hated Elites having a Martyrdom Show Trial of their worst enemy, a TV Superstar, during an election year. But you don’t have to imagine it! They did it!

After decades of godlessness and chaos America will have its Savior return; ORANGE JESUS.

He won’t be Trump anymore after he’s Crucified on TV (TV is not the place to match wits with our Lord and Savior) ... no he’ll be

ORANGE JESUS TRUMP suffering for our sins.

As we speak, NBC, WAPO and other major media have joined forces with Trump’s lawyers to have the Trial Televised.

DOJ doesn’t want this, but WAPO et al will not allow the Trial of the Millennium to not be televised.

Thank you Democrats!

I certainly can’t thank the Republicans.


SAINT DONALD, pray for us...

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