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*How to make money with your website.*

Take the most egregious situation, law, grant, program, non competitive bid or policy you can find and parse it with AI into questions regarding its particulars.

Post The Questionnaire on your web site.

Charge the voters, your patrons, one $ to vote on it.

Have the same AI take the patrons demographics and congressional district and post that too. This will show how many educated women are against abortion, and how many successful businessmen are in favor of DEI.

Have the AI post the results in real time and send results to the respective councilman, commissioner, judges, congressman, state representative, senator and governor!!

One Questionnaire should earn you many thousands of dollars per month and AI can do it for you!

Become an active Petition for a Redress of Grievances, and get paid for doing it!

It is obvious to everyone....

Representative democracy has failed.

We need something new.

Ross Perot called it The Electronic Townhall.

Citizenship is not about writing letters to elected officials or voting some good person into office.

Citizenship is about the Ratification or Annulment of each line of every law, rule, regulation and supreme court decision on the books or that is on the docket waiting to be turned into law, policy and taxes.

During the 1992 Presidential campaign, Ross Perot observed that: "a general lack of accountability among elected officials and those in the bureaucracy is the one specific reason that the people of America suffered…. and our only means of correction is to inspect their work and hold them accountable.”

Mr. Perot went on to note that this can easily be done with computer programs. He called it: THE ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL.

“It is only logical that it will become our Fourth Branch of Government”, he said.

Objective reality:

the voting members of the US Congress and the State Legislatures do not have enough time to read, comprehend or debate any of the laws they vote on. They vote 100 times a day, every five minutes, while in session.

Approximate absolute facts:

a. Every day that the Congress and Legislatures are in session 100

new bills are introduced and distributed.

b. The representatives are given two weeks to review the laws before they are brought up for the Vote.

c. Two weeks into the session they begin voting on the Laws that were previously introduced, while newer laws are introduced.

d. Many laws are in excess of two thousand pages.

e. The arithmetic demonstrates that they do not have the time to even read the name of the Law much less the content of it.

f. Since the Representative cannot evaluate 200 thousand pages of law speak per day, they vote the way their advisors tell them to vote.

g. Thus, they have all forfeited their delegated obligation to represent us.

h. Representative government is obsolete. It does not work for us.

And the only way to prevent these over worked and fallible people from making even more tragic mistakes, from which we, and the rest of the world, might never recover is to include ourselves, The Citizens, from whom the authority for government comes in the first place, in the final decision making process.

The Electronic Congress

How it works:

1. Before a new law, tax, or expenditure can be put on the books it must first be Ratified by the Citizens.

2. Existing laws can be Annulled by the same super majority required to Ratify them.

This program can be applied to every level of government and will ultimately solve every problem we have.

To prevent chaos, the basic law, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, would be exempt from review.

Mr. Perot speculated that the Founding Fathers would probably have done the same had the technology been available in their day.

Just imagine:

We, The People, could actually direct the priorities and review the progress of the major agencies like the: CDC and NIH as well as the libraries and local police departments.

If our government truly is of the people, by the people and for the people then this is the only way forward.

How to implement it:

We talk about it until it is done.

Have AI parse a recent law or Supreme Court ruling into its actionable elements, apply a Ratify or Annul Questionnaire, then distribute the links.

Can I make money with this?

Use AI to parse the laws you find most egregious into their component pieces. And then have it build the ballot / questionnaire along with some demographic background to make the game especially interesting. Charge a $1 per voter per law and watch the evolution in real time.

The Electronic Townhall becomes an active Petition for a Redress of Grievances.

Ask the local school board for their agenda items, have AI parse the actionable elements, create a questionnaire, distribute it to the concerned citizens and then evaluate the results.

When Human Beings made in the image of God can see the results of their noblest and most sober thoughts, at such a scale, then there will be the moment where Our Benevolence and Good Will shall

overcome Evil and then we all live happily ever after.

Ross Perot publicly promised that if the People of America would elect him to The Presidency, he would give us The Electronic Townhall.

The Fourth Branch of Government will allow us to go from Chaos to Prosperity and a Life Worth Living until the end of time.

We were created by God and in the image of God; we are human beings, not animals in a pen.

The Electronic Townhall





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Apr 2Liked by Niccolo Soldo

I've just finished listening to the podcast. I get the feeds from Russians with Attitude. I think that it's important to get non-American perspectives about foreign affairs in order to properly understand what's going on. While I am an American patriot, the "my country right or wrong" leads to a poor assessment of one's place in the world. Soldo believes that the US has been wrong most of the time since WWII. I share that perspective. We've squandered trillions and needlessly wasted lives in tilting at windmills through our foreign adventures trying "to make the world safe for democracy". Angelo Codevilla in "America's Rise and Fall Among Nations" cogently made the argument that once we strayed from John Quincy Adams foreign policy of attending to our own business and interests and being a friend to all who simply wanted to trade with us, we left the path of a righteous foreign policy, such as it is in that realm, and have continually headed down a path of perdition. In addition to wasting precious resources, we've incurred the enmity of many who otherwise would have admired our republican tradition.

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Interesting discussion.

What I remember from the start of the Yugoslav wars is a bit different from what you tell. I see the Badinter Commision as the great evil. And I have always wondered who influenced them.

Badinter was a Frenchman famous for campaigning and achieving the abolishment of the death penalty in France (He died two months ago). When Yugoslavia became a hot topic the EU asked him to from a commission that advised it over how to deal with the issue. And they slavishly followed his advice. It has always wondered me why he was selected. As a constitutional lawyer he wasn't very fit for the job. But he probably had the right connections.

If I remember well the Croat population at that time consisted at about 20% Serbs and the Croat nationalists who were in power wanted to half that. So they employed the usual tricks: loyalty declarations and denial of housing and jobs. There was one ray of light: they seemed to be prepared to discuss border changes. Then the Badinter Commission came with its recommendations:

- They declared Yugoslavia in a state of dissolution. A very clever way to say that Yugoslav law should no longer be applied. They probably were inspired by the dissolution of the Soviet Union less than a year before that at that time still was seen as a success by many.

- They said that minority rights within the Yugoslav republics were no longer applicable. So the Serbs in Croatia lost the minority rights that they used to have.

- They said that borders were not allowed to be changed. The former state borders had to become the new country borders. This was probably their strangest decision: normally countries have the right to change their borders in mutual agreement. This blocked further negotiations between Croatia and its Serb minority. It also had major effects in Bosnia and Kosovo. Serbia might resign in some kind of independence for Kosovo when it gave up the ethnic Serb north tip. The Western countries still refuse this. In reaction Russia has taken similar measures in Abkhazia and South Ossetia after the war in 2008.

This put the Serbs in Croatia in an impossible position were establishing facts on the ground was their only option. As they say: the rest is history.

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Apr 2Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Yes exactly, the badinter was a big FU to Serbs. West also pushed for dissolution of USSR as it gave up Ukraine (mostly Russian population). The Ukraine war is in many ways a delayed Croat-Serb war.

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By the time of the Badinter Commission, Slobo had already struck a deal with Milan Kucan of Slovenia to pull the JNA out of there and let them secede, thus ending Yugoslavia. Badinter formalized the process of dissolution.

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The secession of Slovenia went in mutual agreement - as both the Yugoslav constitution and the Helsinki Agreement required. But that didn't mean that Yugoslavia stopped to exist and that all other states were free to secede without agreement. Even the international community recognized that: "mediator" Callaghan put a lot of effort in pressuring all the states to sign a similar agreement as the Russian states had signed that the country was dissolved. But as far as I know he failed.

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Apr 3·edited Apr 3Author

No Slovenia, no Yugoslavia. That's how we saw it. We had the right to secession, and we exercised it. The moment that Slobo struck the deal with Kucan, Yugoslavism was dead as it officially became the Greater Serbia project.

The biggest error that the Serbs made was in letting Slovenia go. No longer was it a war about restoring Yugoslavia in its borders in the name of territorial integrity. It then became a war of keeping all Serbs in one state i.e. Greater Serbia.

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That is your opinion. But it is clearly not international law or Yugoslav law. And the problem with such differences of opinion is that they set you up for war.

In my opinion Slovenia and Croatia allowed themselves to be used by a US that wanted to get rid of the "communist" Milosevic and an EU that was eager for expansion - but only with the rich parts of Yugoslavia. It was ridiculous to see Milosevic as a communist: he had been selected as a reformer for his experience in the West. He just didn't go fast enough for people who wanted Yeltsin style privatizations.

Slovenia and Croatia were rather typical rich provinces that want to secede because they didn't like to "subsidize" their poorer compatriots. You see the same in the Baltics, Quebec, Northern Italy and Catalonia. What such secessionists typically forget that their wealth to a large extent derives from their position in that country. By breaking that connection they destroy an important source of their wealth.

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Well, I can refer you to international lawyer Luka Misetic for the fine points of International Law and how it pertains here.

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Apr 2Liked by Niccolo Soldo

More pro Slavic solidarity, work on repairing relations with Serbia, and stand up to the satanic west!

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Apr 2·edited Apr 2Liked by Niccolo Soldo

"Ukrainians will not be offended by us killing them... and Russians are not really offended by Ukrainians killing us. It's alright. It's all in good fun." *laughter ensues*

Let's see how these two dumbasses laugh when their city is bombed or their ass is conscripted to the Donbas, lol.

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Apr 2Liked by Niccolo Soldo

Listened to the 30min free podcast on YT. Soldo was interesting and enjoyed his snark. But not a fanboy if RWA.

I listen to RWA occasionally in spite of thick accents, lack of focus, haphazard topics, crappy sound and general silliness. And paywalls for content on what seems a side hustle biz? Nah. Don’t think so.

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Apr 2Liked by Niccolo Soldo

All I have to say after reading things you have written since late 2013, your voice sounded different than the one I had narrating your writing.

Then again my narration voices never match the real life author’s voices lol

And I’ll add I liked the podcast, good times and good content all around

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I never, ever listen to any podcast episode that I am on as I do not like my own voice when speaking in English.

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Off-topic: Interesting comments about Croatia from Robin Harris here:


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Hey, Niccolo. You mentioned a documentary called "La Colonne Chamanov". I couldn't find any way to watch it online. Do you maybe have a link?

Thanks in advance.

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I can't find it anywhere and I've been looking for it for 20 years now.

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Damn, that's unfortunate.

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