Malcom on Prospects for US Civil Conflict, Parasitical Professional Classes, the Death of the Left, New "Old" Mass Politics, and being 100% Nordic Swedish
Meet China's Ideological Theorist Wang Huning, Orban's Weak Rival, CIA/MI6 Intel Cutout Bellingcat, Marxist Left vs. Idpol, the Antisemitic Rabbi Who B…
Le Phénomène Zemmour, Iranian-Azeri Conflict?, Pivot to (East) Asia, "Demographic Replenishment" as Grand Replacement, Vikings in the Azores?
Book Review - D'Annunzio: Poet, Seducer and Preacher of War - Part 3 of 5
Crowdsourcing sources
MAZ on why Toronto is Shit, American Collapse in Afghanistan, Dumb Elites, Why You Should Convert to Islam, Houllebecq's Hadith, Bob and Vagene, etc.
Germany's Pointless Elections, Afrikaaner Converts to Judaism, Anti-Racism as "Successor Ideology", Megalopolis Lagos, Failed Out-of-Africa Theory?
Sweden's Migrant Realism, German Green Collapse, Reputation-Laundering Hungary's Jobbik, Big Tech vs. National Sovereignty, Carthaginian Child Sacrifice
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